You are a crew of Runners – skilled operatives for hire in the semi-legal twilight between the monolithic megacorporations, vicious gangs, and downtrodden denizens of the neon-soaked urban Sprawl.

Your goal: complete the mission and stay alive.


CYBER//PUNK is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by works like Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Ghost in the Shell, and Shadowrun. Be a grizzled ex-police hacker, an unhinged sexbot turned living weapon, or any number of other characters. Infiltrate megacorps, outwit the yakuza, and steal top-secret AIs. All the rules are on one page.

A game of CYBER//PUNK requires:

1 Game Master (GM) to narrate the story, play allies & enemies, and administer the rules

2-6 Players to play the main characters

3 or more 6-sided dice

No preparation – the story is improvised based on player choices and dice rolls


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CYBER//PUNK is a hack of John Harper’s excellent Lasers & Feelings. It is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.

Special thanks to David RheinstromAndrew Calogero, Sam Silvers, & Matt Weber for content & editing help; Alejandro, Pat, Rachel, Scott, & Aaron for playtesting; and to the NeoScum Podcast for demonstrating how cool & fun cyberpunk is and how awful & complicated the rules for Shadowrun are.

Game & visual design by David Brunell-Brutman.